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This is a tribute to the lovely ladies, Jane and Maura, and their “relationship”. long story short, Maura is the main in this (aka think of her singing this xD) and talks about Jane being the only one for her. Her sad childhood and many other things are discussed. They fall inlove :) Unfortunately Giovanni shows up and thinks Maura and HIM are together, Jane tells Maura to tell him the truth, but she doesn’t and keeps hanging around. Jane notices him and accuses Maura of cheating on her. Maura swears she loves Jane and would do nothing to harm her like that. Jane doesn’t believe her and they get into a BIG fight, Jane calls Maura a lier. Maura NEVER lies, she can’t believe Jane doesn’t believe her so she refuses to speak to Jane. See how it turns out ;)  RIZZLES FOREVER!

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I don’t care if she plays a Light Fae or a Dark Fae…


But Lucy Lawless NEEDS to guest star on Lost Girl!

Preferably as a succubus also. Like, maybe she take’s Bo under her wing and acts as a real mother figure to her and helps her tap into her full potential.


Ugh, I’m dying of sexual frustration just thinking about it.