"Life is really difficult... but i am determined to find a way to make it mine" -kaitlyn benson 9/18/12

Call me Kate (>^.^)> *hugs*

It was what you said about being a family. I realized that every family has their problems. But what’s important, is that we stay together. We work it out.

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Every guy Maura dates literally tries to either kill her or lick her face.

If that’s not a big enough reason to date a woman I don’t know what is

Reason why it’s okay for Maura to cancel with Jack three times.

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HG’s face when she meets Myka for the first time. 

"I felt like my character was supposed to have chemistry with [Eddie]…and I was like, "that would never happen…” then Joanne Kelly walked onto set and I was just like, “hell yes.”“ — Jaime Murray


and when I talk about Lucy’s perfect facial expressions and acting I mean:


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