"Life is really difficult... but i am determined to find a way to make it mine" -KK 9/18/12 Call me Kate (>^.^)> *hugs* I choose to live in a world of denial where my OTPs are canon and my favorite characters didn't die in the finales. //cough //cough, Rizzles, Xena and BeringAndWells :)

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Hi! I'm the dweeb that sent the anon that volunteered to be your medical examiner lol, i'm a huge fan of the show and i came across your Jane Rizzoli cosplay while scrolling through the Rizzles tag and, yeah...i couldn't help it i had to send that lol.

lol thats ok, it was cute. i thought my girlfriend sent it xD lol

I could be your honey-blonde medical examiner ;)

Oh could you now? ;) if thats true then dont be anonymous, if you’re truley my Maura then no lies. Or you’ll get hives xD